Former site of Canterbury Bowling Club

Original badge with Canterbury Bells as a motif

The First 125 years

1897 On 11 May a meeting of bowlers met to form the Club. Mr W Ladd was elected President and Mr A Ledger was elected Hon Secretary (a position he held for 27.5 years). On 25 May a General Meeting agreed the Club be called the 'Diamond Jubilee Bowling Club' in celebration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. 

The Officers of the Club in subsequent years, with names still familiar today with Cups played for on annual basis.

1898 On 26 June the Club played its first recorded match against ""The Ship" of Faversham.

1899 Renamed 'Canterbury Bowling Club' - the name which remains to the present day.  

1902 We moved to our second site - the Old Dover Road site which is now occupied by the Canterbury Police Station.

1907 The Club affiliated to the newly formed English Bowling Association.

1910 The Club acquired the Summer House.

1911 Canterbury Bowling Club became a founder member of the Kent County Bowling Association (KCBA).

1930 The Club purchased its own ground at the Nunnery Road/ Oxford Road site and on 1 May a match was held between the Club and KCBA.

1932 In September the Club won the County Triples. The first time this competition was held.

1945 It was decided that the Pavilion needed new curtains. The supplier not only needed cash, but also 120 clothing coupons.

1948 The Club adopted a new badge taking the Coat of Arms of the City of Canterbury as its centrepiece. This includes three black choughs which are thought to be taken from the arms of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop murdered in the Cathedral in 1170.


1954 Kent County Rink Champions

1966 Ladies Section first established with the election of their first Officers and Committee. Affiliation to the Kent County Women’s Bowling Association - KCWBA - soon followed. 

1980 Win Doubleday, Margaret Amos, Doreen Williams and Daphne Kennedy (all unbadged players) win the English National Fours title.

1997 Centenary Year playing at the Nunnery Road green in old style dress.

2001 The Club moved to its present site at South Canterbury Road. A purpose-built site with two greens, modern clubhouse, gardens and ample car parking facilities. 

2011 Canterbury Bowling Club awarded 'Bowls England Club of the Year' 2010.  

2012 Voted Runners Up - Senior Sports Club 2011 - Canterbury and District Sports Awards   Ladies Section celebrate 50 years.

2022 Club celebrates 125-year anniversary; the Club expands the accommodation with a new lounge area; and the Men’s team win the Cox Cup for the first time since 1929.  

Photo Archives

We are blessed with photography enthusiasts in the Club and below are links to photos of events over the last few years.  

2016    Casino Night - December 2016  (22 photos)

2017    Finals Day Photo Album (75 photos)  

2018    Men's and Ladies' Opening Days (16 photos)

2019    Winners at the Celebratory evening (1 photo)

2020    Covid was the winner (no photos)

2021    Ellen Falkner visit (25 photos)

           Finals Day winners (12 photos)

2022    Chelsea Pensioners' visit (136 photos)  

           Finals Day (114 photos)

           2022 in retrospect

2023    Opening days 2023

           Finals day winners/runners up

           2023 in retrospect



Appearances on TV

125th Anniversary 2022 - two News items on BBC SouthEast, both Lunchtime and Evening News. The two links below have ceased to work, following a reorganisation by the BBC. We are attempting to get re-connected.

Lunchtime news

Evening news