Sponsor (or donate)


The Club is grateful to the range of businesses which sponsor us. We, in turn, promote those businesses in a number of ways. We like to understand your business and what we can do to assist you; we regard our relationship with you as a partnership. If you wish to find out how we can work together and assist you in reaching new customers drop us a line directly to canterburybowlingclub@ymail.com or complete the enquiry form on our Contact us page.

Sponsors advertise with boards on our Clubhouse, we promote them through an inside noticeboard and, of course, via this website. See our Home page for examples.

Donate with Gift Aid

Our Club is approved by HMRC as a Community Amateur Sports Club and as such every donation from you as a member of the Club (or a member of the general public) allows us to claim an additional 25p for every £1 you donate. So if you are a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your donations to us by 25%, at no extra cost to yourself. Simply fill in your details on this form for a single donation and tick the box to confirm your taxpayer status. For multiple donations (including past ones in the prior four years) use this form.

Send the completed form to the Club Secretary (see our Contact us section).

Sadly, Gift Aid is not available for members' subscriptions! Members also should be aware that there is no obligation or expectation that members should make donations

Donate by legacy

If you have enjoyed years of happy bowling at the Club why not leave the Club a legacy in your Will?