Canterbury Bowling Club, Kent


Members can play casual bowls at any time within the specified session times. Details of our Session Times are listed on our Bowling Session Times page. We have morning, afternoon and evening sessions starting at 10am, 2pm and 6pm.  


On a Tuesday and Thursday morning we run an informally organised 'roll-up' when everyone who turns up will get a game. This is a good way to mix in with other  club members and enjoy a nice relaxing morning of bowls. 


MONDAY afternoons:

Our Men's section run the Major Carroll competition. This is a competition for men which runs through the season.  Just turn up on any Monday afternoon you want to play and you will get a game. Please report by 1:50pm for a 2pm start. Normally triples are are played by drawing names out of a hat.


FRIDAY afternoons:

Our Ladies section run the Ladies Jubilee Competition. This is similar to the Mens Monday afternoon Major Caroll and runs through the season. Just turn up on any Wednesday afternoon and you will be included. Please report by 1:50 for a 2pm start.